LEDedison is a perfect Replacement bulb for the Edison 60W and 120W incandescent light

The Company





Wave27 ApS is a product technology development company focusing on lighting and surface solutions suitable for industrial exploitation


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The Product





LEDedison provides an exact form and match to the Edison E27 incandescent light bulb with light across whole surface.



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The Difference



LEDedison burns 15 times longer using 80% less electrcity and sells for just €20





Why haven't the Incumbent done it?


  • E27 energy & incandescent bulbs are cash cows
  • Any successful E27 LED replacement cannibalizes their market
  • Their LED focus is on other lamp & socket formats e.g. automotive


What Customers Want

Demands are pretty simple:


  • Exact form and light match
  • Light across whole surface
  • Extremely durable
  • 80% power reduction

Don't feel bad about demanding incandescent light quality - just don't go back to an environmental bummer