LEDedison is a perfect Replacement bulb for the Edison 60W and 120W incandescent light

LEDedison - a Wave27 Technology


The patented light and surface technologies deployed in the LEDedison bulb is the first bulb to use these materials and manufacturing techniques - but not the last. Next up is a halogen downlight replacement


The four core LEDedison team members each have 30+ years of company start-up experience and hold unique IP in LED lighting. We have strong partnerships in industrial design, advanced prototyping, certification & manufacturing


The LEDedison business model is aligned with the fast pace of lighting tech development with a scalable production strategy supplemented with OEM and licensing of the LEDedison and LEDhalo technology to market leaders. To gain market traction we need to establish a 10,000 unit per month production capability and sign-up a large B2B customer


Secret Sauce?

The surface distribution and emission of LED light photons enables unique heat dissipation and optimal light distribution

LEDedison's in-surface LED lighting technology delivers price and performance improvement without compromise, combining lowest energy consumption, largest lit surface and longest lifetime with exact form and light quality match. Using unique material our production costs are half that of any LED competitor.


The Wave-27 technology Cracks The Code

The novel technology inserts the LED chip into the transparent bulb surface and emits the light photons across the whole lamp surface resulting in optimized energy efficiency and halved production costs. At this early stage in the LED replacement cycle we can win market share fast, with an environmental friendly cradle-to-cradle product. Early investors stand to gain a significant profit in a sell-off. Channel partners get first mover advantages in a fast growth market. A system partner in energy management solutions gets an intelligent general lighting platform


Halogen Downlight


The next product line will be 12 V DC LEDs embedded in silicone for flat light solutions and halogen retrofits



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Consumers Want Same Form Factor And Light


The General Lighting Market

Market Volume (units)

12bn E27 bulbs sold Worldwide in 2011 – 2bn E27 sold in Europe



  • Huge global market: 2012(€55 bn) -2020 (€73bn)
  • Strong growth: 6% growth pa. 2012-2016
  • LED technology in pole position
  • LED prices eroding aggressively
  • Regulators driving penetration
  • Lighting control market 20% annual growth


The Need and the Market

Consumers Want Same Form Factor And Light

  • 12 billion E27 bulbs were sold globally in 2012, but it is inefficient – and fast becoming illegal in many countries
  • 200 million halogen downlights were sold in 2012 sold with a USD $2 billion market value
  • No low-energy alternative has yet satisfied consumer needs for a reasonable priced quality bulb replacement
  • Next generation Lighting is a huge global market with no clear winners yet

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